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Product Design


Whether your purpose is to find the perfect garment to assist in postsurgical healing, support your body after having a baby, or simply improve your everyday appearance, our garments are designed to meet your needs.
Achieving gradient compression through a unique fusion of pattern design, fabric selection, and interior fabric panels, our garments provide the ideal level of compression or support. Our proprietary blend of PowerNet fabric is constructed using an open hexagonal unit that allows for 4-way stretch. Plus, our products maintain their compressive or supportive properties during periods of extended wear, a concept known as memory.

Every garment is designed to suit your personal objective with features to ensure comfort that may include seamless panels at surgical incision sites, non-marking flat seams, an anatomically correct open crotch, and gradient compression.


Pattern Design:

Incorporating Computer Aided Technology (CAD), each pattern measurement is carefully considered to provide accurate physiological support or compression to explicit body areas according to the garment’s purpose. Placement of seams, zippers, sensitivity guards, tags, and closures are located to ensure the comfort of our customers.
Composition determines a fabric’s compressive ability. The fiber weight of each fabric component, such as nylon or spandex, can vary the modulus (tension strength at a given elongation) for each unique blend of fabric. In short, fabric that contains the same components but in varying weights can have potentially drastic differences in compressive or supportive abilities. The selection of fabric, and its composition, is essential when determining a product’s purpose and delivering accurate compression or support.
Targeted PowerNet Panel System:
As fabric is layered, its compressive or supportive abilities become greater and more stable. In a Design Veronique garment, layering multiple fabric panels provides targeted, accurate physiological compression or support to explicit body areas. Each Design Veronique product incorporates a unique paneling system according to a specific procedure or purpose that allocates the right pressure to the affected body area.