Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

Postsurgical:  Body Sculpting

Fat Grafting and Body Sculpting Line (U.S. Patent # 8,784,347 B1) 
This line is designed by incorporating the latest in Swiss Textile Molding Technology. 
The line features Patented Supportive Molded Buttocks Pockets, which are designed to 
support, without compressing, the newly contoured buttocks. 
When designing this line, it was very important that the buttocks panels be molded and not cut 
out. Many doctors advised that the “cut-out” design might cause indentation marks on the sides of 
the newly contoured buttocks. 
Each garment has strategically placed compression panels over the donor sites, to provide added 
compression and aid in healing. 

Zippered Garments With Bra

  • STYLE #B851B

  • STYLE #B854B

  • STYLE #B856B

Zippered Garments

  • STYLE #851B

  • STYLE #854B

  • STYLE #856B

Non-Zippered Garments

  • STYLE #1651B

  • STYLE #1654B

  • STYLE #1656B