The Vixen

Shrinks You A Size!



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Ideal for:

  • • Smooth figure contouring
  • • After pregnancy / post baby


  • • Slimming design
  • • Comfortable adjustable, detachable shoulder straps
  • • Targeted surgical panels for problem areas
  • • Open crotch design
  • • Silicone lace prevents rolling


  • • Breathable powernet fabric
  • • Washable and fast drying
  • • Lightweight, cool and comfortable
  • • Latex & Formaldehyde free

Open Crotch Design:

    Unlike most shapewear, the Vixen is intentionally crotchless for your convenience-- so it goes on underneath your underwear.

Garment Colors:


"I never want to take this off!" - Joan H

“Not only does it shrink me down a size under my clothes when I go out at night, but it gives me great back support during the day.” - Karen N.

“It just shrunk me a jeans size.” - Anne T.

“After my mom and my aunt saw me in it, I had to hide mine from them until theirs arrived.” - Lynn V.

“I hated wearing all of the other garments I’ve tried over the years. This is what I want on me all the time.” - Lisa P.

“Best body girdle by Dr. Trott that truly accentuates a woman’s figure…must have! Absolutely love it! Every woman should own one!” - Najwa K., via facebook.

“I’m a mother and grandmother and don’t want to go into the sad details about my naked self or aged bod in all its natural glory BUT…. In your LIPO QUEEN garment under my clothes that same old bod is suddenly thirty to forty years younger and FABULOUS. Seriously. I can wear tight-fitting clothes, belted, and still get compliments on “my amazing figure” when wearing the garment under my clothes.” - Penny A., comment at

“I am thrilled with my new Lipo Queen garment. It is comfortable to wear, is supportive, shapes my body and feels as if it were a second skin. It is durable yet very light weight. I like the way I feel and the trim, slender way that I look. I’m so happy with my Lipo Queen garment that I’ve already ordered a second one!” - Karleen H.

"I love this!! I wore this to my daughters wedding last September. It was so comfortable. I had no problems sitting, standing, dancing or anything. In addition, there were no rolls, bumps or bulges with this shape wear. In my opinion – I looked great!! Both my daughters were amazed. I wanted to take all the credit but I think Dr. Trott’s shape wear might have had something to do with it. Thanks again.” - Velda H via email