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About Design Veronique


In 1987 I began designing custom postoperative compression garments for plastic surgeons in the San Francisco Bay Area. It soon became clear to me that these comfortable, innovative designs truly met the ever-changing needs of this unique medical field, and, before long, Design Veronique’s distinctive designs were born.
While Design Veronique has evolved from those early days, many things remain the same. We have not sacrificed elegant styling or comfort for functionality. Each style is unique and is inspired by medical advancements in the plastic surgery field as well as from suggestions and feedback from clients around the world.
We have grown — to a larger facility and have launched a beautiful supportive maternity line — but we've never compromised our commitment to the importance of each and every client, the value we place on their satisfaction, and our goal to provide our customers around the world with superior products and personalized service.
We've designed this website to be comprehensive and easy to use when choosing your garment. Remember, we share the same objectives: to help you look better, feel better, and feel great about yourself — in comfort, and with style.
We look forward to working with you soon!
Veronica C. Smith